Questions and Answers

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How much do you have to pay an Apprentice?

The average pay for Apprentices in London is £250 per week. How much you pay an Apprentice is entirely up to you, as it is for any of your other employees. We recommend paying an apprentice based in London a weekly wage of at least £200 per week to attract and retain the best talent.


What are employers expected to do?

Hillingdon Training will work with you to discuss the requirements of each individual learner and the units that are most applicable to their job role. Each learner will have a Training Assessor who monitors their progress throughout the course.

As an employer you are expected to treat your apprentice as you would any other member of staff. That includes ensuring they have a contract of employment.

A simple way to develop and retain your apprentice is through allocating them a mentor. The mentor will be someone within your organisation who can support the apprentice through their qualification.  When you have recruited an apprentice your Hillingdon Trainings' Training Assessor will plan all of the training and assessment required with you.   

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How long will the training take?

Each Apprenticeship has a planned duration of 12 months.


What courses would be available to my employees?

We offer Apprenticeships at Intermediate, Advanced and Higher Levels and in a range of subjects including:

  • Childcare
  • Support Teaching and Learning

Do I need to sign an Agreement?

Yes. This is to ensure that all parties understand their responsibilities and rights from the start.  


What next?

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your organisation's requirements and the services that we can provide to meet these. Contact us now on 0203 817 9543 or email: